Todd Harney Blacktail 2010

You all know how the typical opening morning goes… your all pumped up, you get out there and expect to get a buck, and rarely does it ever happen. Well not this time. I found myself on one of my favorite ridges before daylight, waiting to look into the small valley where I had been seeing some nice bucks before the season. Directly across from me was a oak studded saddle that they like to use to head for their bedding area. The previous week I put my ground blind near their main trail through the saddle. My scouting paid off as I spotted the big 3 pointer and another small buck feeding in the fog, slowly headed up the hill toward my spot. I figured they would cross through there in about 30 minutes. I hot footed way around them and got into the blind, hoping they hadn’t heard or smelled me, or even gone by already. I waited for about 25 minutes, and here they came. And so did the shaking. I had the window open on the blind (which has been closed for a week) and the big buck picked up on the difference.

He stopped a few times and stared, but I knew he couldn’t see me in there. When he finally started walking again I drew my PSE Vengeance, which has done VERY well the past few years. He was in front of the tree I had ranged at 21 yards. I wanted to let him get completely broadside on the trail, but with my green top pin burning a hole behind his shoulder I just couldn’t wait any longer. I drilled him at 19 yards, slightly downhill. The Radial X-Weave arrow flew perfectly as usual and smashed through him. It entered high behind the shoulder and exited low around the last rib. He took off faster than anything I’ve ever shot. He was breaking small trees and leaving behind a serious path of destruction.

After bolting for roughly 100 yards he stopped and laid down in the oaks. He coughed a couple times, then all went silent. My archery season was basically over by 7:15 am opening morning. This buck stretched the tape at 25″ wide, and 16″ tall and gross green scores 126 4/8″. This was my seventh trophy blacktail buck taken with a PSE bow, and I know there will be many more in the future.

Todd Harney


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